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We provide more than any other company hands down to give the greatest amount of variety that our clients look for, all while keeping our prices extremely competitive. How do we do it? We believe in excellence at it’s best at a price everyone can afford. Johnson Entertainment has the highest grade sound and lighting equipment that money can buy. No other mobile company uses what we have for a fact. These are just a few of our qualities that set us apart from others for more than a decade.

Johnson Entertainment provides music and lighting for weddings, corporate functions, school dances, proms, benefits and any other kind of event you can imagine. If you can add music to it, we can do it!

Our professional approach from a school dance, to a wedding, all the way to outdoor live sound events with 4,000 people in attendance will make you feel comfortable and confident that you have the right people for the job.

We stand apart the most from other businesses and take pride in that. From the first phone call, to getting all the details in place and completing your event with perfection, we stand by you 100% and offer nothing but the best.

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